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We use capistrano for manual deployment.

SSH using cap

You can ssh into a server by running below command from maintenance/deployment folder:

~/.../deployment$ bundle exec cap nordstrom_production run:ssh
Pick a server to connect to:
    1: ubuntu@ role: [:background, :redis, :migrator, :cron]
    2: ubuntu@ role: [:web]

You can choose the which server to ssh into. Before this you need to make sure that your ssh key is authenticated. For that you need to ask somebody to add your ssh key in capistrano. Your ssh key is present in ~/.ssh folder.

To view the list of servers that you can ssh into you can list the files in maintenance/deployment/config/deploy. So if you want to ssh into aarons_production then you'll pass aarons_production instead of nordstrom_production in the above command.

├── aarons_production.rb
├── aarons_staging.rb
├── africa_carrier_app_production.rb
├── alphabulk_production.rb
├── alphabulk_staging.rb
├── americanfreight_production.rb
├── badcock_production.rb
├── badcock_staging.rb
├── cargo411_production.rb
├── cargo411_staging.rb
├── carrier_app_demo.rb
├── carrier_app_production.rb
├── carrier_app_staging.rb
├── carrier_app_uk_demo.rb
├── cc_racks_production.rb
├── cc_racks_staging.rb
├── cgp_production.rb
├── cgp_staging.rb
├── costafarms_production.rb
├── costafarms_staging.rb
├── demo_3pl_demo.rb

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